surfs up in 2020

surfs up in 2020

my dad pretty much surfed his entire life. when he was alive I never really got around to taking it up. big bodies of water were scary and I hated when anything slimy touched my foot. 

one of my resolutions for the new year is to take up surfing. I think sometimes we want to make our resolutions more constructive and serious. but sometimes the best resolutions are when we vow to try something new for the first time. 

although it has always been in the back of my mind, this past week my friend Lexi and I headed down to Encinitas to take some pictures of our friends celebrating their one year. We raced to the beach once we parked so that we wouldn’t miss sunset. 

there were surfers in the glassy water and people walking the beach with those they loved. the experience was magical. All I could think was how fortunate I am to live here! 

2020 is a new decade. have you started to think about your resolutions for the new year? I know it’s early but I think it’s the perfect time to start. 





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