this month with kgw

this month with kgw

Kind Girls Win was the main reason for my hiatus from my blog. it was taking up a lot of my creativity and head space. although it has become more time-consuming than before – I’m learning how to manage my time more wisely. 

to be completely honest, this whole boss thing has kicked my ass. although it may seem glamorous being a founder, it requires a lot of hard decisions on a personal and executive level. we went from having 2 locationsto 7 all within a year. growth is good, and I still can’t believe that our message is spreading that far and wide. I’m learning that it’s hard leading a team. and it’s hard to make hard decisions lol. also learning how to delegate, which has never come easy to me!  

we are in seven locations in the United States, wow.  and we have some pretty big goals for 2020. each chapter brings unique talents to our team. what I love most is to see their hearts and passion behind our mission. adding on to their already busy and hectic schedules they are thriving. I admire their dedication. 

I’m excited to build the future Kind Girls Win empire. I feel as though 2020 is going to be a HUGE year for us. I’m looking forward to updating and sharing the behind the scenes of KGW. come to our next social if you are reading this!



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