I went to Dallas last month and it was the best trip ever! I was there being my best friend Haylee’s maid of honor! The trip was filled with everlasting life long memories. The wedding was pure bliss. I’ve always felt like being in someone’s wedding is so “adult” lol. 

Aside from the wedding, there were so many highlights of the trip! Southern hospitality doesn’t do the way I felt in Dallas justice. I was so well taken care of by Haylee’s friends. It felt like I had a second home immediately. I wanted to share a few spots that the Dallas locals took me too! I was surprised with how many gems there were! It’s a great place to visit. It’s a cheap flight from LAX and Texas is relatively affordable to stay in. Also, it was easy to hit multiple spots in the short time I was there! For good cafes, I’d recommend Lalaland Kind Cafe, Hola Cafe, and Houndstooth Coffee (bomb-ass breakfast tacos in the morning) 

For some boujee shopping visit the North Park Mall. wow just wow. They have every single store you’ll ever need. And I mean it. EVERY STORE. It was impossible to leave empty-handed. 

We stayed in the Bishop Arts District, a close walk to local cafes and restaurants. Beautiful craftsmanship homes! Highly would recommend staying somewhere around here. 

Oh and I also almost went on a bumble date but chickened out last minute. Love that for me. It would’ve made a great story. If you’re down for a workout, sign up for a free week at Core Power Yoga it was absolutely amazing to get a workout in while I was there! Weather was chilly but doable, felt like what would be a very cold day in California. I enjoyed it. 

And the best part was the people! I’m thankful for those who made Dallas feel like a home that week! They let me sleep in their beds, fed me their food, took me to and from, and drove me to the airport. Dallas, I love you! 



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