2020 resolutions!

it’s officially 2020 – the very beginning of a brand new decade. I love reading other people’s resolutions because it picks my brain to get more creative when it comes to mine. 

I only have a few, and I wanted to make sure that mine are ones that I can actually be consistent with. It’s important to set yourself up for realistic goals so you don’t feel like a total failure by February. 

  1. journal more – I just want to start physically writing things down. I think it’s important to document life as it happens. I want a journal for my future daughter to read so she’s not the only one going through it! lol also I just have a lot of things I want documented in general. 
  2. workout consistently – I mean enough said. This is always everyones resolution. but what I want is to settle into a routine where I am able to say that I am working out at least 3-4 times a week. 
  3. cut back on fast food – broke college student days are the excuse for cheap food. but I want to be more mindful with how much I’m consuming. 
  4. save money- I mean, does this even need an explanation?! 
  5. Kind Girls Win – grow more. become a official organization. and travel for kind girls win! also cool merchandise
  6. vlog – document my year through video! I can’t tell you how much I love watching back old vlogs I made! It’s such a great way to remember life! 
  7. become a better friend – I mean this is just truth. I want to be a better friend. I want to be more intentional and really invest in relationships. 
  8. spend more time with my family! 
  9. move out! this one makes me very emotional. but by the end of 2020 I will be at a four year university and living on my own. 
  10. love more 
  11. learn to surf to honor my dad! 

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