sustainability is sexy

for Christmas this year, I forwarded my mom links to items that I wanted on Poshmark. One of the reasons was because a hat I wanted to Lack Of Color was sold out + international shipping is $$$ 

my hat was brand new, tags attached, with original packaging. and we saved some money. she bought two more of my gifts through Poshmark! also brand new, tags attached. 

this app has become the #1 buying + selling app on the market! almost any piece of clothing you are eyeing is on Poshmark. often, you are saving almost half retail price, as well as being sustainable. 

sustainability is sexy. enough said! fast fashion and trends are one of the biggest sources of pollution. buying gently used items is the best way to do your part in being sustainable when it comes to fashion. it’s fun to get a good deal too! 

when the united states abolished slavery, it really just moved to third world countries. workers are being underpaid and working in awful conditions for less that $0.25 an hour to make our clothing. absolutely horrendous! I don’t want to take part in that. I want to do my small part in being apart of the solution. 

so, will you join me in being sustainable this 2020?! here are some ways you can. 

shop on poshmark, it’s easy, safe, and sustainable. search the names of items you want in the search bar. Sell on Poshmark too! great way to make some extra money. 

shop at consignment stores! basically elevated thrifting it’s easy to find quality pieces when they have been curated. 

keep an eye out for when influencers and bloggers do closet sales, this weekend @thesaltyblonde is hosting a closet sale where a portion of the proceeds go to the Australian bushfires. Not only is this a great cause, but a great way to shop ethically and sustainably. 

do your part to know more, be apart of the solution. Know the true cost of what you are buying. 


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