style radar ft. monet medina

our feeds are filled with style icons with millions of followers. I’m starting a series of style icons you need to be following, here’s the catch, they aren’t influencers or celebrities. they are just like you and I, and it makes them 10x more relatable. 

their style stands out and is unique. I hope you feel inspired by them and the trends they set. 

January’s trend setter is Monet Medina. I do have to admit she has been one of my personal style icons since high school. everything she wore was different and she didn’t follow trends but instead set them. I always felt inspired to be bold in what I wore when seeing her post and fits! she is a student at SFSU and her style is iconic. 

Monet has future plans to start a blog or YouTube channel, and I’m here for it! Make sure to follow her on Instagram @monetmedina 

Top 3 Favorite Brands?

 Verge Girl, Agolde, and For Love and Lemons 

Style Inspiration? 

I’m really into mixing different styles with my outfits. I like to play with oversized and fitted pieces as well as feminine chic looks. I’m VERY about accessories I believe they really make or break your outfit. I want to start playing more with different patterns… zebra is my favorite at the moment. 

A couple people who influence my style are: Nitsan Raiter @nitsanraiter , Brit Harvey @brit_harvey, and Keaton Milburn @kkeeaattoonn

What do you feel sets your style apart? 

People are really quick to follow different style trends and don’t get me wrong I do too! Sometimes I can see that people won’t wear something if it’s “not” a trend and personally I wouldn’t stray away from something just because of that. I like to incorporate any type of piece even if its not the most trendy piece at the moment because who knows maybe you’ll start the next trend (;

An item in your closet you could not live without? 

DENIM JEANS. I love denim jeans!! You can dress them up or dress them down. I could wear them everyday and I think they’re such a staple especially when you find the perfect pair.

What’s the best style advice you can give? 

Make your outfit personal and feel confident in what you’re wearing! Don’t ever feel overdressed because honestly everyone just has different opinions.

A trend you never took part in? 

Hmmm… In the past year western styles have come back in (e.g. cowboy boots, prints) I haven’t taken part in them but wouldn’t be opposed. Also haven’t taken part in the different print and color matching but am open to trying it like I said perviously.

How does living in a major city like San Francisco influence your style? 

Living in San Francisco you see MANY different types of style. This influences my style first off by the weather because sometimes it chooses your outfits for you and all you can think about is being warm or staying dry. I also like taking inspiration from outfits I see around the city.

Instagrammer’s you follow that everyone else should? top 3 … 

Nitsan Raiter @nitsanraiter

Brit Harvey @brit_harvey

Emma Leger @emmaleger

Sivan Ayla Richard @sivanayla


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