I unload the dishwasher now


This year took so many unexpected turns. It’s so easy for the accomplishments to be overshadowed with how heavy the world feels right now. There is still so much to be celebrated! I moved into my first apartment. Bought a car on my own. And have a natural incline to unload the dishwasher now. Something about living on your own makes you very responsible. 

You ever had rent due and car payment? Oh insurance too, don’t forget money to just straight up LIVE. My days of splurging on a pair of jeans are over for now- I understand the need for a good-paying job and the importance of education to get the job you want. Life on your own is expensive. However, I have a family who is there to support me so I would not claim to be fully on my own- I never will be. Because I will always have them. 

My dearest friend Katie is getting married in two weeks. OMG! we are still heading to Big Sur in March for photos. However, with COVID many people have needed to have two weddings. I’m so dang excited for her! When you are apart of a wedding, you don’t just need a dress for the day of the event. You need 4 dresses. Rehearsal dinner, brunches, and GNO. I love a good excuse to dress up. 

Weddings make me so EMOTIONAL. I cry every time. I’ll be a basket case for sure. I love celebrating other people. I love celebrating love. I can’t wait to share photos. 

Anyways, I hope this was a good update. I’ll be back for more. 





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